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[ sam-ee ]



plural noun: sammies

  1. a sandwich

In the beginning there was bread, then came the sandwich! Then at some point in the 1970s Kiwis ( or Ozzies... but we don't want to go down that rabbit hole) coined the phrase Sammie - informal for sandwich.

Later in the space time continuum me and my partner Sam moved to New Zealand, loved it, so decided to stay for good. There was just one thing missing, a bloody good sandwich!

Here I am

Brits love sandwiches!

You can't go far back home without coming across a sandwich shop. And just in case there isn't one round the corner, whole sections of our supermarkets, corner shops (dairies) and petrol stations are dedicated to the humble meal between bread. We're a little obsessed - a bit like kiwis are with pies.

So when did this Sammie making malarkey start?

I started baking in the first lockdown and it just sort of spiraled from there! I began making the sandwiches that I'd dreamed of and knew I had to share them with the good people of New Zealand.

The Bread

After kneading my way through a worm hole of bread on the hunt for the holy grail, I discovered focaccia!! It has an amazing crusty structure, whilst also being super soft inside, it holds in fillings well and also tastes incredible!

It takes 20 hours for our dough to reach the ideal level of fermentation. A few rounds of stretching, a nice brine and finished off with some flakey salt. It's made using the highest quality ingredients and baked fresh every morning.


The Stuff In-between

I've always loved food. Eating it, cooking it, talking about it! So the fillings are just a fun way for me to express this, drawing on the flavours of my travels. 

I hope you enjoy eating your Sammie as much as I enjoy making it.

Love Nick

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